When is it Safe to Start Postpartum Workout

When is it Safe to Start Postpartum Workout

This normally depends on how fit you were before giving birth and whether or not you had a normal delivery or a caesarian section.

After a normal birth and a caesarian section its worth waiting until you have your six week check at the doctors before starting strenuous activity such as jogging aerobics or an exercise class.

However if you had a normal birth then regardless of fitness pelvic floor exercises can be started as soon as a new mum feels ready. However do not do full sit ups until your pelvic floor has recovered fully.

If you are feeling really well just start off gradually with light stretching and taking your baby out in the buggy. Listen to your body if you are over doing it then you will know. If you are feeling physically tired try and rest more. If you are over doing it, instead of your bleeding (lochia) reducing after birth it could start getting heavier again. If this happens its worth consulting your doctor.

Are there any reasons why I should not exercise?

Be sure to consult your doctor before starting training and listen to your body.

If as so many new Mums find you wet yourself just a little at times when you laugh or sneeze then exercising hard will aggravate this. Its worth looking at increasing your pelvic floor exercises again. These can be done stood doing the washing up or stood in the bus queue and nobody need know just by clenching the muscles of your pelvic floor!!!

If you had back pain or pelvic pain during pregnancy consult your GP or a physiotherapist before exercising.

The best types of workout after giving birth

After your six weeks check and everything has returned to normal more strenuous exercise is an option but start gradually! things to consider:

1. Yoga: This is a really good exercise for breastfeeding Mums as its gentle and relaxing and yet is also very toning. Yoga concentrates on your core and this is the key to regaining your figure and allowing you to develop a routine which you can enjoy and continue.

mom yoga

2. Exercise classes: A legs bums and tums class may be a good start. Always tell the instructor that you have only just had a baby and they will tailor the exercise to suit you and keep a keen eye on your to ensure you are not overdoing any of the exercises..

3. Walking: With your baby in a pushchair or stroller is great for baby and Mum.

4. Pilates: This is a great way to bring all your muscles back into action with support in the right areas, you will be able to take it at your own pace which is really important both for affect of the exercise but also for your self confidence and determination to continue! Pilates links so very well into yoga and any further aerobics activity so you can perhaps vary your “getting back into shape” regime by mixing your classes.

5. Cycling: With your baby in a pullalong baby trailer from about 6 months this may well be the opportunity to get yourself back into society!! You will meet up with other like-minded mothers whilst at the same time really getting yourself back into shape in a really pleasant way..

6. Jogging: There is no reason, if you maintained your fitness levels throughout your pregnancy, why you are not able to start jogging or do more strenuous activity at this stage.

There is some research to suggest that after strenuous exercise that your milk will have higher levels of lactic acid and that this could change the taste of your milk for your baby. So be attentive to your child.

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