4 Best Secrets to Facilitate Hair Growth

4 Best Secrets to Facilitate Hair Growth

Lustrous locks of hair make appealing even a plain girl.
Although there is no magic way to improve hair’s condition, here are some simple natural hair care tips to help you get good results.

What are the most important factors influencing hair growth

Firstly, whole body health is a key to have healthy hair as well. It is crucial to be healthy, keep balanced diet and keep healthy lifestyle.

Minimizing the levels of sugar, processed fats and processed foods that you consume, while increasing the amounts of leafy greens, fresh fruit and vegetables that you consume might be a brilliant suggestion. In fact, doing this will encourage optimal hair growth from the inside out while also strengthening each strand of hair over time.

As hair consists of protein, your diet has to include plenty protein rich food, such as dairy products, eggs, fish, grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. It’s very important for hair care to consume vitamins A, B complex, C, E, D, omega 3 fatty acid and magnesium. These substances help to expanse level of oxygen in blood and promote circulation that stimulates hair growth.

Besides, you can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss by consumption such minerals as zinc, iron, magnesium and silica as well. Keep in mind that vitamin and mineral supplements assist to hair health better than some chemicals with potential negative effects. Whereas, a shortage of vitamins and minerals in the body can make hair condition worse. Remember, you should immediately ask for a doctor’s advice if you notice excessive hair loss. Upon doctor’s recommendations you may have different options to choose from.

Protect your hair from heat damage

Also, it’s important to follow your hair care routine to be in possession of thick beautiful hair.

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Stay away from heat. Direct heat application is very bad for your hair.

Let us face it, the high temperatures from curling irons, blow dryers or even flat irons may work wonders for taming your hair structure- but on the downside they only contribute to damaging your hair and causing a lot of breakages. Simply put, avoid using heat situations especially UV rays from the sun and heat powered devices whenever you can, and if you must use them, calibrate the heat level to the lowest possible.

How to use essential oils for hair

An application of head massage with warm essential oils is highly efficient to develop blood circulation that stimulate hair growth and good look. You can apply essential oils such as rosemary, castor, olive or lavender oils for massage. It is also good to add red pepper or garlic oils or mix different oils and other ingredients.

To gain best effect for hair care, you need to wrap hair with towel and leave the oil for about half an hour, after applying the oil. This will stimulate fast hair growth and make hair healthy and shiny. In addition it’s helpful to rinse hair with cold or warm water to increase its shining.

Homemade deep conditioner for natural hair growth

Use natural and organic hair conditioners.

Make your own hair conditioners using natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen. You should opt for simple recipes that address your hair’s particular needs. Fruits like avocado are packed with natural fats that act as good moisturizers and conditioners. Eggs are packed full of essential proteins and nutrients that strengthen the hair scalp and promote the strength of each hair strand. So there really is no need to spend money on expensive hair products when the basic you ingredients required are cheap and readily available.

To keep healthy hair and entire body it is vital to have relaxation and enough sleep daily and do regular exercises as well.

In conclusion, do not expect that all efforts are able to improve your hair overnight. However, if you stick to hair care and carry out all procedures with patience and in regular way you will reward to possess gorgeous shiny hair you always long for.

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